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Bobby Sparrow is continuously creating relationships with buyers and sellers of all types of homes and properties throughout Victoria and Greater Victoria.

Bobby's mission is to provide each of his clients with extraordinary quality of service in the buying and selling of real estate, and to always act with honesty and integrity. When working with Bobby, he will share every insight that his experience and expertise brings to each sale, whether obtaining the best possible price for your home or negotiating the best possible price when purchasing your home. 



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Victoria Market Update September 2019

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever noticed that people procrastinate when it comes to making big changes in their lives? It’s true, even when that change is clearly going to be positive for them. The biggest reason they procrastinate is their fear that change will bring disruption and stress.

Take making the decision to sell and buy a new home, for example...

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Victoria Market Update July 2019

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the summer! As you may know, this is not only the season when the weather heats up, it’s also a period when there’s often an increase in homes on the market. In fact, you may have noticed “For Sale” signs here and there – perhaps even in neighbourhoods you’d like to live in some day.

Do you ever get curious about t...

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Victoria Market Update May 2019

Hi Everyone,

It’s amazing how often we try to time things. We look for the perfect time to invest in the stock market, take an exotic vacation, ask for a promotion, or even water the grass! The same is true, of course, with real estate. Many homeowners who are thinking of selling are just waiting for the ideal time.

There’s nothing wrong with that...

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